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to my mom was really really upset. >> a pet shop worker accused of using insider information to prey on unsuspecting homeowners. good evening. >> that pat shop worker helped to pull off nearly a dozen bay area burglaries and she new exactly when and where to strike. that's because she was watching the victim's dogs >> reporter: whenever the dubois family it is a vacation they need someone to watch their according he andy. they dropped the dog off at this san carlos petsmart before they set sail to the caribbean. they came home and found their house ransacked. >> you wouldn't believe it. >> being a responsible pet owner boarding your dog would lead to something like this.
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>> reporter: kirk worked at petsmart they had easy access to the customers address he when they dropped off their dogs for boarding plenty of time to break into their homes. >> it's very surprising to me. >> it's unfortunate and it's sad. >> reporter: the duboiss say thieves took off with valuables an priceless heirlooms. the suspects ruined his family's vacation and robbed his family's sense of security. >> my mom is really really upset. >> petsmart released this statement saying we fully cooperated with the authorities throughout their investigation and we reached out to every pet parent impacted to see how we could help them during this time. fremont police looking for two suspects in a violent home invasion robbery. the homeowner told police two men wearing ski masks came up to him right outside of his house on monday and pulled guns on him. he says they forced him back inside and then tied him up.
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the robbers took cash, jewelry and other items. the victim was able to wiggle free and call police but not until after those men had left. police are investigating a string of home burglaries in san bruno. thieves struck four homes in 6 hours yesterday all within a couple of miles of each other. in each case the burglars broke in through the rear of the house, ransacked it and call police if you have any information. san francisco police are trying to explain what happened when they detonated a bomb that damaged a home and neighboring businesses. the bomb squad admits things didn't go as planned. police were cleaning up today at the scene and near 46th and judah. a bomb squad was called to the home last night to investigate a suspicious device. they evacuated surrounding area and followed protocol but didn't plan on the bomb exploding. >> render a device safe and in this case it exploded. the protocol was followed and now do they foe it's going to
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explode in they don't know for sure. >> the explosion rocked a nearby store. plaster fell off the back wall, bottles fell off the shell and glass was everywhere. no one was hurt. two more flu deaths in the bay area brings the total this season now to at least 20. the health department confirms a 48-year-old man from contra costa county died in december. the other victim, an 84-year- old man from napa who had underlying medical issues. we've been hearing a lot of warnings about fire danger and this is why. a brushfire exploded across sherman island in the delta last night destroying three cabins and paul shows us the fire danger isn't dying down. >> it is not yet. we're talking about gusty winds very low relative humidity and the ground i dry. it will change after 8:00 tomorrow morning as the winds will die down which will decrease the fire danger. for tonight and early tomorrow the north bay hills east bay hills diablo range will be
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under that red flag warning. high temperatures today look at you in santa cruz. 82 degrees. oakland 76. kent field 68 all records with san francisco that was a special records not only a daily record high 73 degrees at sfo is the warmest january day ever a monthly record high. and it may only last for about 24 hours because chances are it may be a degree or two warmer coming up tomorrow. there is somewhat cooler air moving in and a slight glimmer of hope for rain. details on when coming up. all right paul we'll see you then. we are learning more about the death of a 16-year-old girl in the chaotic moments following the asiana airlines crash. tonight anna warner shows us more of what firefighters saw that day from their point of view. >> there's potentially two large openings one in the middle of the fuselage one in the front. >> reporter: truck camera video shows firefighters risked their lives to get near and inside the burning plane.
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several climbed up the jet another emergency slides to reach for passengers. but as with any disaster, there was confusion. >> hey. hey. that's what i'm telling you, man. do not come over here again. >> reporter: some firefighters saw the 16-year-old near the wreckage but assumed she was dead. coroner said she actually survived the cash but was killed by a fire truck that accidentally ran her over. a summary of interviews conducted by the national transportation safety board shows one airport safety officer described firefighters as all jockeying for position and looking at the fire, not at what was outside their vehicle. san francisco fire department protocol say the dead may be left in place, but must be
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labeled as deceased. it's not clear if she is marked before she was run over. >> the safety plan calls for spotter to help drivers. this spotter got out to direct a driver beyond the body but left to go inside the plane. san francisco fire department still cannot comment on the videos because of pending lawsuits. five years ago today a plane crash that could end in disaster became known as the miracle on the hudson. the bay area's sully sullenberger safely landed his jet in new york's hudson river after a run in with a flock of geese took out both engines. all 155 passengers and crew made it out alive. dozens of them cruiseed out on the hudson again today this time by boat to mark the anniversary. >> had even one person not survived i personally couldn't have celebrated any of this. >> as for the plane it is now on permanent display at an
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aviation museum in charlotte, north carolina. new commercial with colin kaepernick is creating quite a buzz. you probably have seen it. it features a focused quarterback facing down rabid fans who look a lot like seattle seahawks fans. on the making of the ad and its real message. >> reporter: it's a commercial forehead phones but the director says it's really a story of how we can cancel out negativity. >> you have to be focusing on what you have to do no matter what the situation. >> reporter: once colin kaepernick puts on the headphones his music takes him far away from the ugliness of the opposing fans. director paul hunter says kaepernick approached the shoot like he does each game quiet and focused and yes he does wear those headphones. >> he's a true warrior. >> reporter: did you notice the skyline, the fans, the rain, we're talking seattle seahawks fans many of whom are
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none too pleased to be portrayed like this. hunter says it really is a compliment to their passion. >> they pride themselves on being the 12th man so i think they have to own that. >> reporter: kaepernick his demonstrating his 21 d century marketability. marking prosser said kaepernick is an up and coming such star in the marketing world. >> he represents the new demographics of the u.s. >> reporter: the 9ers quarterback is multi-racial and consumers can identify with him. a marketers dream and of course all those tattoos, an image that used to identify bad boys but now it's an art displayed by about half of kaepernick's pierce. our society has changed and he represents that. a generation ago he would not have had this success. >> 20 to 25 years ago we were following much more specific molds and that is not the case
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anymore. >> reporter: the director says he intentionally didn't play it safe. safe doesn't inspire. and already the 3 minute director's cut online has nearly 3 million hits. director of the commercial said he didn't play it safe because safe doesn't inspire. those are his words and there's no doubting the you popularity extended online version has almost 3 million hits. well be sure to stay with kpix5 for all your 9ers coverage. dennis and i will be heading up to seattle this week. our live coverage begins with a special 49ers preview that's friday night at 7:00. an out of control car careens through a bay area church and ends up on the altar. he's back. a man spreading joy and cheer throughout the country in the form of thousands of dollars worth of extra tips has struck again at this san francisco restaurant. and the discount deal that
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had 49er fans lining up to prove their devotion in ink. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the mysterious big tipper w guys by "tips for jesus" hit another san francisco restaurant. . he has struck again the
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mysterious big tipper who, well, he buys tips for jesus. that's the way he puts it. he hit another san francisco restaurant tonight. joe vasquez spoke to the waitress who benefited from this latest round of generosity. joe, he's back. >> reporter: he's back, ken. all she will do is describe him as tall dark and handsome and she tells me she didn't even realize how big a tip it was until he left the restaurant. >> table here against the wall on the right. >> reporter: hillary says she waited on him at the back corner table. his bill $147. his tip, $3,000. >> he told me that he paid for the table next to him. i was actually at the table them that he had paid for their meal and i peripherally opened up the credit cardholder, looked down at it and my jaw just dropped he they said did he take good care of you and i said uh-hum? first i think he doesn't know how to use the decimal point
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and it wasly $30 and i looked closer and vertigo. >> reporter: at the top he wrote tips for jesus. this is the phenomenon waitresses and waiters are experiencing a generous customer drops thousands of dollars worth of tips at a time scribbling tips for jesus on the receipt. who is this generous customer? recently we told you the silicon valley blog reported it's this man jack selby a former vice-president at pay palment we showed his picture to hillary. >> is this the guy? am i allowed? you know, i'm not allowed to comment. >> you're not allowed to say. >> not allowed to say. >> i'm going to take that as that's the guy. >> take it however you like. he was discrete had his back to the restaurant. >> you didn't catch his face. >> no. i didn't see anything. >> reporter: he left so quickly she says she wishes she could tell him two things one, thank you, and two, you know
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come back any time and sit in my section. by the way, they split their tips here so everybody gets a piece of that pie. >> it's weird. i was in jackson square tonight didn't recognize him. who knew. >> reporter: i tried to reach out to jack selby. maybe it was me. maybe it's a guy named jesus in the kitchen. >> you never know. joe vasquez thanks joe. a statewide food safety law has bartendering up in arms. first chefs were unset about the new law which requires food handlers to wear gloves while cooks. they claim the law is confusing and ineffective. as it turns out the law may extend to bartenders too. the california restaurant association says more guidance for bartenderss is in the works but they may soon have to wear gloves or use tweetsers to hand ice to lemon twists.
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a driver meeting takenly hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. things could have been a whole lot worse. >> we heard a lot boom. >> reporter: it sounded like a car accident outside of hayward 's new bridges presbyterian church on busy patrick street. but when ralph morales who runs the food program here came closer, this is what he found. an elderly parishioner had pressed the gas instead of the brake yesterday afternoon launch her white toyota camry up a walkway and into a sanctuary tearing off the double doors and taking out an organ. >> how did this happen? >> reporter: miles an hour ago husbandly there were no bodies, just a big mess and a trail of tire tracks. the car came to a stop at annal tar just beneath the massive crucifix. even though the place was full of people morales says not one person was hurt. witnesses say if the car had
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hit the church just 15 feet from where it did it would have run into a line of 70 families who had come to the church for free groceries. morales says there would have been more damage had it not been for a musical instrument that has been here for 30 years. >> the organ is the real hero because if it wasn't for the organ slowing her down she might have come in and who knows swerved towards us or going out that wall. >> reporter: it's enough to give even nonbelieves a little faith. >> we have people here atheists devout conservative whatever christians, and we've heard it's a miracle, it's a sacred place. if you pray to god thank him for us if you believe in luck buy me a lot to ticket. now hayward police gave the woman who were driving a citation. she was not hurt. we have breaking news out of san jose where police say they have arrested a suspect in connection with a string of suspicious fires set throughout the downtown area last week. we've been reporting on this
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all week. they aren't releasing his name at this point. we have more details and they are expected to come tomorrow morning. san francisco drivers are about to get a big break. mayor ed leah announceed he's scrapping metered parking on sundays. a year ago the city started enforcing parking meters on sundays as a way to generate money for muni it brought in a lot of complaints. a city transportation force will come up with other plans to make up for the loss. bay area jefferson award winners got a well deserved moment in the spotlight tonight. 2013 recipients accepted their medals at a big ceremony at the sf jazz center. 6 received special silver met med always their names will be sent on for consideration for a national prize. and if you like to know more about tonight's top winners, and their work, you can tune in for our jefferson awards special. that will be saturday january 25th at 7:00 p.m. congratulations to all of
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our jefferson award winners and kate kelly and sharon chin. you were in livermore a lot of people were thanking you or asking you where the rain is. >> busy intersection. where's the rain? we watch channel 5. cool where's the rain. >> please make it rain. >> that is the chorus being echoed throughout the bay area. we need some rainfall what we have tonight is something cool to look at outside. start with the moon look at that beautiful moon it is the tinyest full moon we're going have this year because the moon is 30,000 miles farther from earth than when it's at its closes. it's an ellipse and it's pretty far you may have seen jupiter a bright star to the north of the moon earlier tonight. great shot earlier this evening. moon over the bay bridge. tomorrow morning 45 in oakland. vallejo 41. 40 in san jose. san francisco low 48 degrees chill a way from the water. fairfield and santa rosa 35 degrees. got to talk about football. rain free for the nfc
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championship game. cloudy yes but plainly dry. 49 degrees kick off temperature. 9ers seahawks up in p sound. we will be rain free that's because that ridge is so strong. here's what that ridge is doing and here. half moon bayou know what it's like this in june and july. mid-60s. cloud cover not even hitting 60 degrees in the heart of summertime. close to 80 degrees tomorrow. 77 degrees, 74 for you coming up on friday. something odd when we have weather like that in january. the pattern simply has plastered on there stuck low pressure way auto our east ridge of high pressure is not going anywhere. you had weather today similar to yesterday. weather tomorrow similar today. we will be pretty much in a holding pattern whether wise for the next several days. temperatures will fluctuate a bit but no rainfall. clear nights with breezy conditions in the hills continuing that's why the fire danger is high and the fire danger will be high through tomorrow morning record highs tomorrow. even when we cool down we're going to be 10 to 15 degrees above average. 70s tomorrow.
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71 in san francisco. 14 degrees above normal. santa clara 73. hayward 70. 70 in concord and san ramone. toasty day in mill veil 70 degrees are napa wine country 73. clover dale 76 degrees. couple of degrees cooler on friday. over the weekend we're down to the 60s. but mind you this is mid january. monday and tuesday back up near 70. one sliver of hope for rainfall a shower or two in the north bay next wednesday but that is about it each of the next 7 days does look continued dry weather. more news and sports coming up next. ,, female announcer: female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. and through monday, get three years interest-free financing on selected models.
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silver needle studios in c fans a deal to . it pays to be faithful but it might come with a little pain. >> silver needle standard yao is offering a deal to get ink. any 3 by 3 tattoo with 49ers theme $49. the owners say they did the same thing last year but didn't quite have that response. today they already had 12 when our cameras came by. one woman said the decision to get a tattoo was an easy one. >> diehard baby all day. >> and her hair too. did you see that. if you're thinking about showing off your loyalty to the red and gold permanently, the offer runs through the super bowl because they are going. >> how about a little trip down the president for $49. that's right. tahoe ski resort offering 49er fans a deal. >> where did that video come from? >> you have to bring your own snow. you can get a 49-dollar lift ticket at home wood through
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sunday the day of the championship game but in order to get the discounted price you need to say the magic words at the ticket window. we love channel 5. no. go 9ers. that's the magic words. >> i think you should have had a special super not necessarily video shown in the last month or so. >> well you know. i think it's a good deal. 49 bucks. >> file video. >> the seahawks could be missing one of their stars on sunday and the warriors pull the trigger on a trade today. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. okay. i got my s -- 49ers are moving from the trainers room to the field and seem to be getting healthy nfc championship
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approaches. carlos rogers was at practice for the first time after injuring his hamstring. fullback was also back. wide out percy harvin did not practice up in seattle. he suffered a concussion against the saints. brian shaw returning home as the head coach of the nuggets. nate robinson trailed to give denver the lead. at the curry he had this problem. the warriors lose to the denver nuggets. before the game golden state acquired guard jordie crawford and marshawn burks from the celtics in a three way trade they sent tony dug last to the heat in return. joe morgan and his daughter ashley watching stanford and washington state never in doubt for the cardinals who were all i don't have the cougars. they win 80-48. cal also beat washington
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tonight kershaw gets $215 million to remain with the los angeles dodgers. >> wow. >> lot of money. >> thanks for watching. go niners. ,,,,,,,,,, good. good answer.
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